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It is a job information page of on-site work in Kanto (Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama).We provide information on many Genba jobs such as construction, construction, civil engineering, transportation, and security.

New Job List

  • View jobs at Gensho Co., Ltd.
    Gensho Co., Ltd.Chiba city area
    [Earthwork, construction, demolition] ★ No experience required ★ No resume required ★ Private dormitory equipped [Immediate interview → Immediate hiring → Immediate move-in] You can get stable and high income from zero!Don't worry about the past, start a new life with just one body! ※There is also a pick-up service at the time of the interview!
  • View jobs at Best Support Management Co., Ltd.
    Best Support Management Co., Ltd.Koto/Edogawa area
    [Chance to earn high daily wages! ] ★ Preferential treatment for experienced people who are ready to work! ★Those who have blanks are also welcome!Kind guidance for inexperienced people ★Since it is a shift system, it is easy to work◎!If you want to earn a lot of money, leave it to us!It's an open workplace where you can talk about anything♪
  • View jobs at Idy Construction Co., Ltd.
    ID Construction Co., Ltd.Koshigaya/Kasukabe area
    Construction site staff ◆ Site agent ◆ XNUMX days off a week ♪ Shared house with private rooms ♪ Qualifications: Your motivation and enthusiasm Welcome★
  • See field jobs for plain construction
    Plain architectureYachiyo Yotsukaido area
    ● Recruitment of carpenter apprentices!Job changes from other industries are also welcome!I will teach you carefully from the beginning.
  • See job openings at Shitaten Juki Sangyo Co., Ltd.
    Shimoken Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.Ichikawa/Urayasu area
    Amateur welcome! !I have work every day!You can enter the dormitory empty-handed! 3 colors + private room dormitory with furniture and home appliances + 5 to XNUMX yen as a congratulatory fee for joining the company!Honestly, the treatment is too good ... [civil engineering, demolition workers, multi-skilled workers, etc.]

Recommended Jobs

  • Midoriya Co., Ltd.
    Midoriya Co., Ltd.Kawasaki area
    [Field work staff] We perform spraying and curing for fireproof coating work.Inexperienced people can start with the support of seniors and grow at their own pace, so you can rest assured! Staff in their XNUMXs to XNUMXs are active!It's ok if you have motivation and energy!

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Genba pay slip

  • Salary statement of Saito Industry Co., Ltd.
    Saito Kogyo Co., Ltd.Narita/Inzai area
    • Job categoryHeavy equipment operator
    • PositionGeneral
    • ServiceYear 1
    • NameK
    • age41
    • former jobOther companies in the same industry
    • Total476000 JPY
  • Salary statement of Kato Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.
    Kato Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.Ibaraki prefecture area
    • Job categoryEquipment worker
    • PositionNone
    • ServiceYear 2
    • NameW
    • age33
    • former jobWorking at a restaurant
    • Total408000 JPY
  • Okada Kogyo pay slip
    Okada KogyoSaitama area
    • Job categoryFormwork carpenter
    • PositionForeman
    • Service4
    • NameO
    • age22
    • former jobStudent
    • Total590000 JPY
  • Salary statement of Sawada Construction Co., Ltd.
    Sawada Construction Co., Ltd.Ibaraki prefecture area
    • Job categoryCivil engineering staff
    • Positionfacilitator
    • ServiceYear 3
    • NameY
    • age40
    • former jobConstruction industry
    • Total480000 JPY

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