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It is a job information page of on-site work in Kanto (Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama).We provide information on many Genba jobs such as construction, construction, civil engineering, transportation, and security.

New Job List

  • View on-site jobs at Duct Works Co., Ltd.
    Duct Works Co., Ltd.Chiba / Ichihara / Mobara area
    This is your chance to become a plumber (duct) professional!
  • See the on-site job offer of Saito Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    Saito Kogyo Co., Ltd.Saitama / Toda / Kawaguchi area
    Urgent recruitment ★ Demolition asbestos construction staff ★ Weekly payment talk ★ Almost no overtime!Early rise Yes ★ High income depending on motivation!You can do it even if you are inexperienced!Abundant projects and stable income with reliable work ☆ OK with your motivation and enthusiasm ♪ Good performance and shortage of staff!
  • View on-site jobs at Takano Doken Co., Ltd.
    Takano Doken Co., Ltd.Chiyoda / Minato / Shinagawa / Daejeon area
    I am confident in my treatment ◎ It is a workplace where you can play an active role regardless of your experience!
  • See the on-site job offer of Kasatani Co., Ltd.
    Kasatani Co., Ltd.Saitama / Toda / Kawaguchi area
    ◆ Stable work volume due to transactions with major general contractors and direct owners ◆ "Waterproofing work" to prevent flooding and leaks ◆ Although it is a job type that depends on the weather, income is stable because of fixed salary Guaranteed! !!
  • See Marushige's on-site job vacancies
    MarushigeTaito / Adachi / Sumida / Edogawa area
    [Interior boarder] Because it is a young small company, it is well-ventilated and you can work happily!You can work hard because it's easy to work, and you can continue for a long time because you can work hard ... We promise such an environment!Please feel the unique reward! [The site is centered on major general contractors]

Recommended Jobs

  • Uchida Co., Ltd.
    Uchida Co., Ltd.Kuki / Kumagaya / Honjo area
    [Factory workers] [Various drivers] [Sales staff] Attention to those who are interested in eco!A company that proposes a new form of recycling! [Newly built private dormitory]

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Genba pay slip

  • Weekly salary statement
    Week groupFuchu / Mitaka / Kiyose area
    • Job categoryFormwork dismantling craftsman
    • PositionForeman
    • Service6 months
    • Name(I.e.
    • age30
    • former jobFormwork carpenter
    • Total490000 Yen
  • Salary statement of Kato Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.
    Kato Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.Ibaraki prefecture area
    • Job categoryEquipment worker
    • PositionNone
    • ServiceYear 2
    • NameW
    • age33
    • former jobWorking at a restaurant
    • Total408000 Yen
  • Salary statement of Sawada Construction Co., Ltd.
    Sawada Construction Co., Ltd.Ibaraki prefecture area
    • Job categoryCivil engineering staff
    • Positionfacilitator
    • ServiceYear 3
    • NameY
    • age40
    • former jobConstruction industry
    • Total480000 Yen

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