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On-site recruitment in Kita-Kantou

It is a job information page for on-site work in Kita-Kantou (Ibaraki, Gunma, Tochigi).We provide information on many Genba jobs such as construction, construction, civil engineering, transportation, and security.

Recommended Jobs

  • Kato Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.
    Kato Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.Tsuchiura area
    [Equipment work] An equipment company rooted in the local area!No breaks in work!Inexperienced and subcontractors are also welcome!

Recommended jobs

Urgent recruitment!Three-line advertisement

Genba pay slip

  • Salary statement of Kato Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.
    Kato Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.Tsuchiura area
    • Job categoryEquipment worker
    • PositionNone
    • ServiceYear 2
    • NameW
    • age33
    • former jobWorking at a restaurant
    • Total408000 JPY
  • Salary statement of Sawada Construction Co., Ltd.
    Sawada Construction Co., Ltd.Ushiku/Ryugasaki area
    • Job categoryCivil engineering staff
    • Positionfacilitator
    • ServiceYear 3
    • NameY
    • age40
    • former jobConstruction industry
    • Total480000 JPY
  • Salary statement of Saito Industry Co., Ltd.
    Saito Kogyo Co., Ltd.Ibaraki Prefecture Other Area
    • Job categoryHeavy equipment operator
    • PositionGeneral
    • ServiceYear 1
    • NameK
    • age41
    • former jobOther companies in the same industry
    • Total476000 JPY

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Civil engineering work / foundation work(32)
Interior work(1)
Exterior work(4)
Skeleton work / demolition work(15)
Heavy equipment operator(3)
Exterior construction(3)
Facility construction(5)
Building management and maintenance(2)
Other related occupations(143)



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