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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Jobs in the field Jobs Genvers Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions Q & A

Q.What is the difference from the previous recruitment websites?
A.Genver's is a job recruiting site with the concept of "on-site", "job in hand", and "earning". High income that proposes a better life and life to you who were not satisfied with your work so far, such as "I am not satisfied with my current salary", "I want to live a more luxurious life", "I want to try my own potential" It is a job site.
Q.Is there a cost to use the service?
A.This service is completely free.There is no charge for using it.
Q.Why are the actual conditions different from the information posted on Genvers?
A.If you actually work part-time, have an interview, and find that the information is different from the information posted on Genvers, please contact us using the "Inquiry Form".When making inquiries, please let us know the company name or store name, location, job type name, and specific differences (eg / salary, treatment, qualifications for application, job description, etc.).
Q.What should I do after applying from the application screen?
A.The information applied from the application screen will be sent directly to the applicant.The person in charge of the application should contact you at a later date, so please wait until then.When the application is completed, you will receive an application confirmation email, so please check there.
Q.I would like you to find or introduce a job.
A.Since Genvers is a job advertisement business, we cannot accept requests for individual introduction and mediation of job information.Please search by yourself.
Q.I'm currently working. Can I work part-time only on weekends and other free time?
A.Of course you can.Genver's has many jobs where you can discuss the day and time.W work such as only at night and only on weekends is possible.
Q.Do you want to find a job with a dormitory?Also, are there any jobs where I can get a daily salary?
A.There are many jobs available, such as dormitories that you can move in immediately, and daily or weekly payments.In addition, we have many jobs such as welcome inexperienced people, work 2-3 days a week, work from the evening, welcome middle-aged and elderly people, so please choose a work style that suits your lifestyle. ..
Q.Isn't the job listed in Genvers dangerous?
A.All jobs posted on Genver's are subject to legal compliance.Please apply with confidence.
Q.Does the person in charge not answer the phone?
A.In many of the stores listed in Genver's, the person in charge of recruiting is often the president, and he often works in the field.Therefore, it may not be possible to answer the phone during the day.I think that they will call you back during work breaks, so please call with a number notification.Also, if you have difficulty connecting to the phone, please apply by clicking the Apply button.
Q.I'm completely new to work in these industries, do you work?
A.More than 80% of the jobs posted on Genvers are jobs that can be applied even if you are inexperienced.I think that on-site work emphasizes motivation rather than experience.Also, by challenging inexperienced industries, there is a possibility of opening up a future that has never been imagined before.