Job listings for field jobs Genvers

Job listings for field jobs Genvers

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Job listings for field jobs Genvers

Construction / Civil engineering / Architecture / Security / Transportation

Job listings for field jobs Genvers

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What is Genvers?about genbars

"On-site" "Job in hand" "Earn"Is the concept of Genba recruitment site.

Genver's is a field-based job information site with the concept of "field", "job in hand", and "earning".You can search for job information that allows you to get a job, earn money, or create your own career from various industries such as construction, construction, civil engineering, transportation, and security, as well as by area.For those who are suitable for hard work, who have done Hijikata, those who want to change jobs by utilizing their experience and qualifications, those who want to challenge new paths, those who restart from here in middle and old age, etc. We propose a good life and life.Please try to find a job at Genvers.

Those who are currently job hunting!You who are thinking about changing jobs!Would you like to find a job with a foot in the ground at Genvers?
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    Specializing in on-site workSince Genvers specializes in on-site work, we can carefully select and deliver job information that is useful for those who want to work in the civil engineering and construction industry, and those who want to work by making the most of their careers and qualifications.
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    Search by region and occupationSearching for Genvers is very simple.Just select the area and occupation you want to work in!On the other hand, the job information has a lot of items, so you can apply after confirming the details.
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    Simple and easy application method.With the new Genver's, you can apply for an average of 3 seconds (one click) per store by registering for 1 minutes!If you want to apply, we recommend you to register as a member, which is easy and convenient.Registration and application are of course free, and you can use it anytime from your computer or smartphone ☆
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    The feature is an icon!At Genver's, items with high needs from job seekers such as daily payment, dormitory, car commuting OK, station Chika are displayed with icons.Since you can easily see the characteristics on the job list, it is easy to reach the job information for the purpose.

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