Job listings for field jobs Genvers

Job listings for field jobs Genvers

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Job listings for field jobs Genvers

Construction / Civil engineering / Architecture / Security / Transportation

Job listings for field jobs Genvers

There are many job openings for on-site and gate-type jobs due to the aging population and labor shortages.Since it is a socially important industry, human resources have been improved through the support of the national and local governments and the efforts of companies, such as two days off per week, reduced overtime, increased salaries, correct evaluation of skills and experience, and reduced burden and efficiency through DX. We are improving the environment to make it easier to work for a long time.high stability,Recommended for those who want to increase their value.

Registered on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's "Human Resources Service Comprehensive Site"

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"On-site" "Job in hand" "Earn"Is the concept of Genba recruitment site.

Genver's is a field-based job information site with the concept of "field", "job in hand", and "earning".You can search for job information that allows you to get a job, earn money, or create your own career from various industries such as construction, construction, civil engineering, transportation, and security, as well as by area.For those who are suitable for hard work, who have done Hijikata, those who want to change jobs by utilizing their experience and qualifications, those who want to challenge new paths, those who restart from here in middle and old age, etc. We propose a good life and life.Please try to find a job at Genvers.

Those who are currently job hunting!You who are thinking about changing jobs!Would you like to find a job with a foot in the ground at Genvers?

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