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Kashima Garden Co., Ltd. on-site job offer

Outline and features of the job offer

Site supervisor

Kashima Garden Co., Ltd. Job offer main image
  • Transportation expenses paid
  • Work clothes / tool rental
  • Inexperienced welcome
  • Full company insurance
Employment status
  • Permanent

Kashima Garden Co., Ltd. Jobs Overview

Civil engineering work
Job category
Site supervisor
265,000 yen ~ 380,000 yen
1992-1 Kyuchu, Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture
nearest station
4 minutes by car from Kashima Jingu Station
Information last updated
2022-01-18 04: 23: 12
Scheduled end date
2022-02-17 (subject to change)

Kashima Garden Co., Ltd."I saw Genvers"It's smooth when you say that.* Please refrain from making inquiries other than application and job questions.

Here is the point!

We have a comfortable working environment.

A team of 12 staff, led by the president, is working hard as a team!

We are conscious of how to treat each other politely and try to work comfortably with each other.

The staff are friendly and have a cozy atmosphere, so it is a workplace where newcomers can easily get used to.

Before you get used to it, senior staff will teach you carefully while working together.

As you get used to it, I'll leave it to you for various tasks !!

~ About anti-virus measures ~

Equipment and fixtures used in common are carefully sterilized, such as alcohol disinfection.

All the staff work with an awareness of cleanliness and cleanliness.

When I go to work, I thoroughly wash my hands, gargle, and measure the temperature, and basically wear a mask during work.

Frequently ventilate the inside of the car when moving to the office or when moving, and be sure to wash your hands during lunch breaks.

We are working to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible!

We also work closely with each other to create an environment where it is easy to say that you are not feeling well and that you can actually take a rest when you are not feeling well.

Recruitment requirements

Job category
Site supervisor
Job description
It is [Kashima Garden Co., Ltd.] in Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture.We are engaged in civil engineering, landscaping, and construction with orders for 60% for public works, 40% for major companies, and XNUMX% for private works.
We are currently looking for a [site supervisor] to expand our business.

┏ .. : ・ .. : ・ .. : ・ .. : * ・ ━━━━━ …… ┓

"I want to earn a lot according to my efforts" "I want to work with a job in my hand" ... Good news for you!
<Experienced people and those with blanks are welcome!Preferential treatment > 
★ We appreciate your efforts!We are checking the hard work and skill improvement in the field.The site manager and the company will report closely and give back to the salary as the ability improves!

★ Inexperienced people can also aim for on-site supervision while experiencing on-site work!Our staff will support you well.

★ No business trips or transfers!I am working hard to create an environment where I want to work for a long time.
(Site / Civil engineering / Construction / Work / Supervision / Supervision / Regular employee / High income)

┗ …… ━━━━━ .. : ・ .. : ・ .. : ・ .. : * ・ ┛
 [Work content] Area Mainly the Rokko area.When heading to the site, I go to work once and use a company car. (Van, XNUMXt / XNUMXt trucks used) <Site supervision work> ● Meetings and management document preparation We will proceed with the construction according to the schedule, ensure quality and safety, and manage the construction so that the construction cost can be kept within the budget. .. 

● Safety confirmation and instructions at the site It is a job to give work instructions while always thinking so that workers and cooperating companies can work smoothly at the site.It can be said that the civil engineering industry is one of the few jobs in the world that makes people feel that they are useful, but without roads, things and people cannot pass through.Road paving work is a big social contribution.In addition to general sites such as roads, parks, and banks, we also receive many orders for public works such as coastal embankment bulking work.You can challenge various jobs! "Thank you for being beautiful!" Every time I receive the words of gratitude, the motivation of the staff is improved!From the place where there was nothing, the joy and sense of accomplishment when we made it ourselves over a long period of time becomes a habit.Please feel free to contact us if you find it interesting or want to do a job that will be appreciated by others.We are waiting for each other who want to help others!  

* Recommended for people like this.・ Those who want to work happily with a sense of team!・ Those who wish to work for a long time!・ Those who can work enthusiastically!・ Those who want to do work that is appreciated by customers!

 << Example of daily schedule >>
08:00 Meet at the work start site and check today's work schedule before the workers finish. Gymnastics before the morning assembly, check the work schedule and work process with everyone

08:30 Work started

10:00 Site patrol, inspection, instructions to workers, taking construction photos, etc.

12:00 Lunch break (going to a cafeteria near the site with a craftsman, eating lunch)  

13:00 Start of work, on-site supervision at other sites, meetings with the director (confirmation of progress, etc.)

15:00 After the meeting, check the progress and work process while returning to the site and patrolling

17:00 Return to the office, prepare for tomorrow, organize work reports, construction photos, create work schedules, etc.    

I will go home when the work is finished.
● Experience

[Available] On-site experience, supervision experience, etc.

● Qualification

[Required] Normal car driver's license (AT not limited)

[Available] Medium-sized driver's license

● Required skills

Easy PC operation (elementary level such as input, Excel, Word)

● Human resources

Ambitious, sincere, and also fond of interacting with people

We will do our best to support your step-up!

Please feel free to contact us for any pains or problems.

Let's do our best together.
1992-1 Kyuchu, Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture
nearest station
4 minutes by car from Kashima Jingu Station
Working hours
08: 00 ~ 17: 00
265,000 yen ~ 380,000 yen
Days Off
Annual holiday consultation
Measures against second-hand smoke
From the recruiter
Contact Information
Kashima Garden Co., Ltd.
1992-1 Kyuchu, Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Kashima Garden Co., Ltd."I saw Genvers"It's smooth when you say that.* Please refrain from making inquiries other than application and job questions.