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[1 posted] On-site recruitment and part-time job recruitment in Aomori Prefecture.You can search for various occupations centered on construction, civil engineering, construction, transportation, and security work.Get a job in your hands and hone your career!Posted on-site job offers in Aomori Prefecture such as Sawada Construction Co., Ltd.

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  • Sawada Construction Co., Ltd.

    • Civil construction

    [Dormitory complete!Migrant applications are also welcome] ≪Foreman candidates≫ are especially welcome for business expansion!The amount of work is also ◎ For those who want to earn a stable income, go to "Sawada Construction"!There is also qualification acquisition support!Our appeal is that we can work from inexperienced and unqualified people!

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    <From now on, the civil engineering and construction industry will be hot! > 2021 has begun!In order to survive the fierce heat, Sawada Construction will train even inexperienced starters to become professionals!There are many young craftsmen, and every day is bright and fun. Why don't you do a fulfilling and rewarding work with our motto of being cheerful and serious?There is also qualification acquisition support, so it is attractive to be able to work from inexperienced or unqualified!Since it is a holiday, you can secure time with your family and your own time. ★ Put "environment where you can work with peace of mind" first! ★★ Recruiting applications from local areas ★ The number of sites is increasing for the summer!≪Foreman candidate / Chief engineer≫ We are especially welcomed by the hospitality!Make use of your experience in "Sawada Construction"!

    • Bonus
    • Paid weekly
    • Transportation expenses paid
    • Work clothes / tool rental
    • Car commuting OK
    • Direct return possible
    • Inexperienced welcome
    • Welcome partner companies
    • Eligibility acquisition
    • Full company insurance
    • Email application
    Job category
    ① Dump truck (10t) driver ② Civil engineering construction work (heavy equipment operator) ③ Ordinary civil engineering worker ④ Chief engineer
    ① Dump (10t) driver [company] Monthly salary 260,000-450,000 yen * Daily salary ... 13,000-18,000 yen! !! [A] Daily salary 12,000 to 18,000 yen ★ Kei ...
    You will work as a civil engineering staff and driver at construction sites in Chiba prefecture, mainly in Ibaraki prefecture (Tsukuba area). ★ No influence of corona! ...
    2021-06-10 16: 16: 03

1 ofThere is a job offer in Aomori prefecture. (1-1)