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On-site job offer at Kuraya Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Outline and features of the job offer

On-site worker / craftsman of chipping dismantling work

Main image of job offer of Kuraya Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Transportation expenses paid
  • Car commuting OK
  • Inexperienced welcome
  • There is a dormitory
  • Full company insurance
Employment status
  • Permanent

Kuraya Kogyo Co., Ltd. Jobs Overview

Demolition business
Job category
On-site worker / craftsman of chipping dismantling work
12,000 yen
1-5-4 Higashisumida, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Information last updated
2022-05-24 04: 23: 09
Scheduled end date
2022-06-23 (subject to change)

Kuraya Industry Co., Ltd."I saw Genvers"It's smooth when you say that.* Please refrain from making inquiries other than application and job questions.

Here is the point!

Recruitment requirements

Job category
On-site worker / craftsman of chipping dismantling work
Job description
\\ High salary ♪ Follow-up system and work environment are perfect!Looking for field workers //

We are currently looking for on-site workers who can handle demolition work and new construction work.

"10 years later, if you want to be happy, jump in! I'll definitely make it full-fledged!"
"Life is only once. Challenge what you want to do!"
"If you make an effort, anyone can be the best!"
"I think both the employee and the employee's family are family members."
"It's impossible to quit because of relationships! Once you become a friend, you won't abandon anything!"
This is all the words of the president.It may sound exaggerated, but this is what it really is.

Employees who started from inexperience are steadily acquiring skills and growing under the careful guidance of the president and senior employees.
Our only qualification to apply is "motivation"!

"I'm confident that once I work here, I can't work anywhere else."
As the president said, let's acquire skills and friends for a lifetime in a comfortable working environment!

■ Regarding interviews and joining the company

[Interview-Hiring period] Same day to 1 week
[After hiring decision-Available period for joining the company] Same day-about 2 weeks
[Interview time] About 30 minutes
[What to bring at the interview] Resume

■ Work environment

Many young people ★-・-・-・-・ Many veterans
Lively corporate culture ★-・-・-・-・ Calm corporate culture
Emphasis on training ★-・-・-・-・ Emphasis on immediate fighting power
Emphasis on cooperation ★-・-・-・-・ Emphasis on individuality
Emphasis on work (salary) ・-・-・-★-・ Emphasis on private life

It is an environment where even inexperienced people can firmly master the technique.
Experienced senior employees will carefully guide you.
We will firmly teach you from the name of the equipment used for work to the work flow.
Rest assured that we will guide you at your own pace until you get used to the work!
The company will prepare all the work tools necessary for work, so there is no need to worry about preparations in advance.

We have also introduced a qualification acquisition system, so it is also an environment where you can acquire the necessary qualifications while working.

We value the employees who work hard every day at the site, so the atmosphere is open and easy to communicate with each other.

There will be a salary increase each time according to everyone's efforts, so you can sweat well and earn a lot of salary!

■ Attention point

・ We will give back to you with your salary as much as you worked hard!If you are motivated, you can earn a lot.
・ There is also support for acquiring qualifications, so you can acquire skills that can be used for a lifetime.

* + * ゜ * + * ゜ * + * ゜ * + * ゜ * + * ゜

[Main work content]
I would like general on-site work such as demolition work and new construction work.
The area where you work is all over the Kanto area, and you can go straight to the site.

* Chipping work: The work of breaking the outer wall or scraping the structure to shape it.Mainly manual work.

* Pile head processing work: It is a work to properly scrape and break the head of a concrete pile.This is an important task to ensure the strength of concrete.

* Renovation work: Building renewal work.We handle a wide range of buildings, from public facilities such as hospitals and schools to residences such as condominiums.

* Demolition work: In contrast to the chipping work, it is the work of destroying a building using heavy machinery.Qualifications are required to operate heavy machinery, but our craftsmen are working to acquire qualifications after joining the company.

~ Daily work flow ~
08:00 Morning Assembly

08:15 Start of work in the morning

10:00 30 minutes break

10:30 Work resumed

12:00 60 minutes lunch break

13:00 Start of work in the afternoon

15:00 30 minutes break

15:30 Work resumed

17:00 Closing, leaving work

[About skills]
・ No experience required

∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴ ∵∴∵∴
▽ Welcome to such people! ▽
・ Those who can greet cheerfully and cheerfully
・ Those who are motivated and have a strong spirit of challenge
・ Those who want to get a job in their hands
∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴ ∵∴∵∴

We look forward to your application.
1-5-4 Higashisumida, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Working hours
08:00 - 17:00
12,000 yen
Days Off
Annual holidays 80 days
Measures against second-hand smoke
From the recruiter
Contact Information
Kuraya Industry Co., Ltd.
1-5-4 Higashisumida, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Kuraya Industry Co., Ltd."I saw Genvers"It's smooth when you say that.* Please refrain from making inquiries other than application and job questions.